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Recommended Resources

There are a number of useful websites "out there" and an equal number of not so useful ones. Below are some sites you might find useful or entertaining or both. Check back often as I will add new sites as I happen across them.

Two sites that should be bookmarked on all browsers is Truth or Fiction and Snopes. If you want to find out if that email or FB post you just received is real, a hoax, or completely out of date, then go to one or the other site. Some emails will even claim they were verified by Snopes or Truth or Fiction but if you follow up you will find that they weren't. Before sending on that heart wrenching email, that scary email about perfume peddlers etc check it out. "Better Safe than Sorry" does not apply to these scenarios. Spreading false information can cause actually cause the very harm we think we're preventing.

If you have kids and are wondering how to keep them safe in the digital world, an excellent resource is the The White Hatter White Hatter (you can also follow him on Facebook). Retiring after several decades specializing in Cyber Crime Law Enforcement, he has devoted his time to helping parents and kids protect kids online. Teaming up with his wife, they will answer questions, do presentations at schools and offer a wealth of information designed to help kids protect themselves from unsavoury people in the digital world.

Another useful site for parents is Khan Academy This site was created by a man who wanted to help his niece in school. The site is free, although they accept donations, and kids like it because they think they're playing when they're really learning.

Chapters/Indigo Book Store is a wonderful place to search for books if you don't have time to go to an actual store. Prices are often less than store prices and if you purchase a minimum of $39 before taxes, shipping is free. If you should need to return/exchange your online purchase, you can take it to your local store - Remember to keep the receipt. If you collect Airmiles log in and click on the link for airmilesshops.ca and then on the Chapters link and you will earn Airmiles on your Chapter's purchase.

Looking for a new pet be it a dog, cat, rabbit (the list goes on) then check out Petfinder, fill in your ideal pet in the search function on the left and it will return with (unfortunately) hundreds of rescued animals looking for a loving home. Most of the rescue societies require applications and adoption fees but this is a small price to pay to get that perfect companion animal and give an otherwise unlucky pet a chance at a happy life.

Looking for a safe place to download files, drivers, spyware-free screensavers etc? Cnet is the perfect place to download files. They also have an extensive review section, unbiased reviews of anything electronic.

Another unbiased review site is Consumer Reports, just like the magazine, they have an ad-free website and they do not accept advertising from manufactures, suppliers etc. They are completely unbiased and very thorough in their reviews. However, they charge a fee for membership; worth it if you are planning on a large purchase or a number of purchases, or, like me, you research product for other people.

Craig's List. On the main page you will see country columns, and state/province rows. Find the area you wish to search and book mark that page rather than bookmarking the main page. Just make sure you know who you are dealing with when conducting transactions. Do not reply to any responses that start off with "I'm out of the country......", these are generally scams. Any suggestions of buying the product sight unseen, or they send you more money than you ask for then want a refund, etc, are also scams. Do not ever send any money back on an overpayment as the original payment method will likely bounce, and can take up to 6 weeks to bounce.

Kijiji is an offshoot of eBay. It does not provide any buyer or seller protection but is completely free to use. No charge to sell or buy - but it doesn't have the limitations that Craig's List has, ie Kijiji allows pet listings etc.

Vertical Response is an easy to use website with some very interesting tools to distribute a newsletter, flyer, blog updates etc on a regular basis; all for about 1.5 cents per email address.

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"...very knowledgeable in computer service, editing your important documents or newsletters. I have used her services for the past few years and found her to patient, professional and prompt..."
R. Burzan, Surrey, BC - Solutions Organizing & Staging.


"Pamala was a lifesaver, I wanted to learn all about computers; as a senior going on 74 it is hard to find someone sho understands where you are coming from. First English is my second language and I didn't learn to type in school so it was difficult for me to learn.
That was a year ago, now I go on the Internet, Skype, MSN, use Adobe Reader, Word, Power Point and much more all because Pamala came into my life.
If she an teach me, she can teach anybody.
Anna Ochocki, White Rock, BC


"...over 5 years ago I realized the importance of having someone who understood how my computer worked so I could get maximum performance out of it. You have been available for me when I have needed you and it has been wonderful to be able to pick up the telephone and call you. One of the greatest things is that I don't have to wait for you to come over to my computer that you could go virtually online and come on and see what is going on. Your services have been absolutely indispensable to the success of my company..."
W. March, Langley, BC - Phonetalk.

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