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Silhouette Computer and Tutoring Services

If a computer is involved, we can help!


One-on-One Computer Tutoring

Senior woman learning to use computerWe provide customized computer instruction, no matter your experience level. We can help you with step-by-step assistance to learn basic computer literacy skills. With as little as one session, you can learn:

  • How to understand and navigate through your computer's operating system (Windows)

  • Save documents where you can easily find them again

  • How to use and enjoy email so you can send messages confidently to friends and family

  • How to protect your computer from harmful viruses and what you can do to avoid them

  • How to safely and securely "surf the 'net" to find information on your favourite hobbies and interests

  • ...and more!

We don't just show you what to click and do - we will guide you, step-by-step, through your learning process. You will be at your keyboard with our "hands on" training. You learn at your own pace; we will go as fast or as slow as needed to work within your comfort level.

Contact Pamala today to become organized and confident using your computer.

Computer Instruction for Seniors

Senior citizen on phone at computerOur specialty is working with those wanting to be more independent by using your computer to communicate with others and take care of tasks on your own. You will receive simple and easy instructions on how to use the necessary software programs to connect with family and friends.

Have fun with your new-found
independence to explore
your special interests

As a senior, you can avoid difficult trips to the bank and learn to bank on-line through our helpful instructions. You will also learn specific steps you can take to protect yourself from identity theft.

Contact Pamala today to learn more about our customized, individual tutoring services for your needs level.

Contact Us

Pamala-Rose Combs
Your friendly computer tutoring specialist
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24370-46A Ave
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Tekkie Time

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"...very knowledgeable in computer service, editing your important documents or newsletters. I have used her services for the past few years and found her to patient, professional and prompt..."
R. Burzan, Surrey, BC - Solutions Organizing & Staging.


"Pamala was a lifesaver, I wanted to learn all about computers; as a senior going on 74 it is hard to find someone sho understands where you are coming from. First English is my second language and I didn't learn to type in school so it was difficult for me to learn.
That was a year ago, now I go on the Internet, Skype, MSN, use Adobe Reader, Word, Power Point and much more all because Pamala came into my life.
If she an teach me, she can teach anybody.
Anna Ochocki, White Rock, BC


"...over 5 years ago I realized the importance of having someone who understood how my computer worked so I could get maximum performance out of it. You have been available for me when I have needed you and it has been wonderful to be able to pick up the telephone and call you. One of the greatest things is that I don't have to wait for you to come over to my computer that you could go virtually online and come on and see what is going on. Your services have been absolutely indispensable to the success of my company..."
W. March, Langley, BC - Phonetalk.

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